Young woman and young man work together on creating an artwork using paint and paper

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

Who are we?
We are a skilled and dedicated team with extensive experience of working in the arts and in education. We are passionate about improving the lives of children and young people in the Black Country by engaging them in high quality visual arts opportunities and experiences.

Why do we do it?
We know that participating, making, creating and achieving in the arts, makes a great difference to children and young people, to their wellbeing, to their sense of self, to their futures and to their overall happiness.

And so:
We want children and young people to be supported in developing their skills and their interests in the visual arts, having access to the right training, the right people and the right materials so they achieve the best that they possibly can.

We want children and young people to know that a career in the visual arts is possible and we want them to know where to go and who to talk to, to make this happen.

We want children and young people to develop and carry their love of art, their ownership of it, with them, throughout their lives, whatever they choose to do and wherever they go.

We want them to keep the joy they found in making and creating art in their childhood, forever.

What is our mission?
Our work is focused on expanding and improving creative and cultural opportunities for children and young people. We work to influence system change, where the arts and creativity are placed at the very heart of the curriculum and at the very heart of civic and community life.

How do we do this?
We work in partnership with teachers, schools, colleges, artists, arts, cultural and heritage organisations and community organisations.

We deliver programmes that nurture, grow and impact positively upon children and young people’s creativity, knowledge and skills.

Where do we work?
As part of the School of Creative Industries at the University of Wolverhampton, we focus the majority of our work around the University’s geographical footprint, mainly in the areas of Dudley, Sandwell, Telford, Walsall and Wolverhampton. But we’re always interested in opportunities to work more widely with partners that share our ambitions.

Our programmes
Our new programmes include: projects to develop and expand the visual and contemporary arts in schools; a programme of professional development for visual and contemporary artists working with children and young people; building on our networks for teachers in SEND and mainstream settings and working with the West Midlands Virtual Schools to advance creative opportunities for Children in Care.

As part of our consultancy service, we’re also providing support, advice and programme and curriculum development.

Our History
After a decade of growing opportunities for young people we completed our work as the Bridge for the West Midlands in March 2023 and we’re building on that legacy. We’re drawing on the knowledge, the expertise and the strong partnerships we’ve gained along the way to embrace a new way of doing what we do best.

Read more about our work as the Bridge for the West Midlands here.

Contact us
Please do get in touch with a member of our team if you would like to explore how we might work together. 

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