Belief: We believe that engagement with arts and culture enhances learning and transforms lives, and that all children and young people are entitled to equal access

Vision: All children and young people in the region have access to engage in high quality arts and cultural activities and there is a step change in engagement with these opportunities, especially those who are excluded

Mission: To lead change in the region for young people

Value: The values that underpin our work are about being:

Approachable: We intend to be visible and contactable so people feel they can talk to us and we will listen.

Collaborative: Greater strength is found in joining resources and ideas with others, working in ways which are resolutely and generously partnership spirited.

Informed: We are always striving for better knowledge and insight to make the best use of our resources and to do the right things.

Provocative: We pose questions, offer challenge and bring new people, perspectives and ideas together to catalyse change.

We will have:

  • An intelligent, informed and bespoke programme.
  • Effective and resilient partnerships.
  • Connectivity with the greatest possible reach.

We aspire to be: Valued as a leader of change, a trusted partner, for the impact we make and the innovative aspects of our work.

We will be: A values-led organisation so we can make the most significant difference we can to the life chances of children and young people.

If you would like to discuss how your setting can be part of our programmes, contact us via this button: