Black and white photo montage of the bodies of 3 schoolchildren with the heads of a dog, an emu and a shark

Amped Up Art on Instagram

This page is a platform designed to share the visual artwork, ideas, practice and visual art reviews of young people in the West Midlands. Images will be shared on our ‘story’ or ‘wall’, helping to amplify the voice of emerging local young artists and young creatives.


How to Submit

Images can be submitted via email to: Felicity Martin  

Images can be shared by teachers and adults working with children and young people and also by the young people themselves if they are above the age of 16.

Before you submit art pieces to us please read our guidelines:


Guidelines & Expectations for Images & Text Submitted to be shared on @Amped.Up.Art

  • Any artwork which includes, as part of the work, images of people under the age of 18, to have full permissions to share these images online.
  • No faces of under 18s to be included in the image, i.e. standing beside the work. Please share only the work.
  • Permission should be given from over 18s who’s image will be shared online.
  • Appropriate language should be used when submitting captions to be shared, i.e. no unnecessarily explicit or provocative language which does not benefit or pertain to the art being shared.
  • The post does not go against Instagram’s own posting guidelines
  • Please message us prior to sharing your artwork with us if you would like not to share your first name/ school/ general location
  • Remember – never share more information on your own Instagram page than is safe. Be cautious of sharing locations, names and faces if you have a public Instagram account. Consider having a private Instagram account and only adding people you know.


Please contact Felicity Martin if you have any questions regarding the page, including image permissions, or to send images via email.

Visit the page here.


Photo Credit: William Maund, Nunnery Wood High School