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A youth voice initiative by Arts Council England’s Bridge Network.

The Bridge network has come together to collaboratively launch a new digital series focusing on good practice in children and young people voice across England.

Early May will see the launch of a new online digital magazine series that highlights elements of best practice around fostering ‘children and young people’s voice’ (CYP Voice) , in the context of creative and cultural learning.
Launched collectively by the National Bridge Network and aimed at professionals working in the cultural, education and youth sectors, the series will showcase examples of adult-led CYP informed work as well as CYP initiated work.

The Bridge network’s collective goal is to demonstrate the range of conditions that enable young people to develop their voice in different contexts e.g. cultural sector, youth sector, education sector and community. The episodes will reflect on the impact of Covid19 and how it has affected young people and how they have adapted to using different platforms to get their voices heard. The initiative aims to encourage greater interest in and uptake of leading practice around encouraging CYP voice and young people’s leadership in a range of settings.

Each episode will be published biweekly, initially for 3 months, and will follow themes covering, Wellbeing, Young Creatives, Child led learning, Board participation, Changemakers and Ambassadors.

The concept of this resource is to enable viewers who are well practiced in this work, and those who are just starting out to equally find meaningful and useful information related to questions such as: How is this ‘youth voice’ work managed, What impact does ‘youth voice ‘activity have both on your organisation and the young people who are participating? and How do you fund your youth voice ‘activity.”

The first episode, focusing on wellbeing, will launch in early May. You will be able to find links to the latest episodes directly from the Amplify website itself or by visiting our website.