Two laughing secondary aged boys make objects out of clay

We are looking to commission an individual or organisation who are approved Trinity Arts Award trainers to deliver training and support sessions as part of the Arts Connect Arts Award Investments programme. Successful candidates will be required to deliver a maximum of 6 ½ days Arts Award training (at all levels) and a maximum of 7 days Arts Award support sessions, this will usually be at the Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham but may be at other locations in agreement with the supplier/s.

The inclusive fee (to include travel) is up to a maximum of £ 2,000.00 excluding VAT. Your proposal must include a full breakdown of costs to include all expenses, goods and services.


Application: 5pm on Friday 10th August 2018
Selection meeting: Wednesday 15th August 2018
Contract start:17th September 2018
Contract completion: 19th July 2019

Further Information

Full details and how to apply here.