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“I was impressed by the energy and enthusiasm that I saw at Arts Connect’s session at the Midlands Arts Centre. I was also struck by the anger and frustration that some people expressed at the current situation. There will never be enough money for the arts and heritage, but the real problem seems to be the indifference shown to the growing social and educational problems that a commitment to a coherent and creative approach to cultural policy could achieve. The worst thing about working in the arts sphere is that so often people, and their organisations feel alone. Arts Connect’s mission is just that, to connect. Empowerment, personal and organisational, follows.” 

Robert Hewison, Arts and Culture Leadership Seminar 2017.

This is the final post in a series of blogs exploring the creation and development of our Leadership programme for learning and engagement professionals in the Arts and Cultural Sector. 

Going Forward

By the end of 2017 Arts Connect will have provided leadership development to sixty-five professionals representing the following:

  • 13 NPOs and 2 MPMs.
  • 18 Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • 4 larger organisations British Ceramics Biennial and Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Birmingham Hippodrome, Dudley Canal and River Trust and the National Trust (Croome Hall and Roundhouse)
  • 12 individual creative producers/artists who work in engagement and focus on children and young people.
  • 10 local authority arts, libraries and heritage development officers

We are currently running our fourth leadership programme with 16 participants and are now recruiting for 2018.

Voices from the course:
The programme has been transformative for many of our participants, both on a personal and professional level.

Read our case study of Rachel Sharpe, Croome Redefined – Creative Partnerships Manager and  Roundhouse – Visitor Experience Manager who was a member of our first cohort.

Read the blog post of Rachel Gillies, Community Film Maker, and her response to the Robert Hewison Arts and Culture Leadership Seminar 2017.

Blogs by:  Susan Goodwin:  Associate Director of Culture at Arts Connect, West Midlands ( in partnership with Munira Thobani: Leadership Development & Organisational Change Consultant and Executive Coach.)

Find out more
If you are interested in joining our 2018 cohort you will find more details of this programme here.