Web card with text promoting the British Art Show 9 Teacher Tour with photo of a rubber hand sealed in Perspex

Provoke British Art Show 9! Exhibition Tour and Creative Lab

Date: Tuesday 15th March, 4pm – 6.30pm

Location: Wolverhampton Art Gallery & Wolverhampton School of Art


Provoke BAS9! Is a creative lab for teachers, art educators and artists for the design of participatory methodology and youth-led artistic projects.

Join us for an arts educator focused tour of British Art Show 9 followed by a creative lab looking at the artwork in BAS9 and exploring how the show can inspire fresh ways of engaging with contemporary art in the classroom.


Presented by Agustina Meola, Arts Coordinator of The Way Youth Zone

Email Becky at R.Thompson6@wlv.ac.uk to find out more and book session spaces.