In a classroom a primary aged boy in a wheel chair uses his hands to paint green shapes onto paper

Artslink Research & Evaluation Commission

Artslink are offering an invitation to tender for a research and evaluation contract to investigate the impact of a progressive arts & cultural entitlement programme for all children & young people in care in the West Midlands. They are looking for an experienced organisation, team or individual to conduct an approximately 2-year qualitative and quantitative assessment of the Artslink programme for West Midlands Virtual Schools.

The assessment should capture data about engagement with arts and culture across the whole programme, they also envisage a number of ‘deep dive’ case studies to be a key feature of the assessment. They want to use inspiring and representative stories from a range of people who have engaged with the Artslink programme to illustrate the power of arts and cultural activities to improve the lives and education development of CYP in care. The case studies should concentrate their focus on the individuals’ experiences and journeys within Artslink, tracking their progress and capturing illuminating moments throughout the span of the programme. The overall assessment should include young people (primary and secondary age), participating care leavers, connected adults, e.g. carers, social workers, designated teachers, Virtual school staff. It should also include artists and arts organisations, and their own developmental journeys as part of Artslink.

Salary Maximum: £20,000 (fixed fee)
Closing Date for Applications: 22 July 2019

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