White table covered in paint pots, paintings and paint brushes, with children's hands holding brushes

Call for Artist/Arts Organisations with Visual Arts Specialism

Fee: £7,500

Deadline: 25 November 2019 (no later than 12.00 noon)

Project Brief: Who Are We? Celebrating diversity and difference through visual arts.

CADMUS want to explore the theme of the brief in an exciting and innovative way through working with artists from a visual arts background.

They are looking for artist/s or an arts organisation to work with five primary schools in Walsall all members of The CADMUS Federation, to deliver a programme of high-quality visual arts experiences. The workshops will lead to a final celebration event where all children and staff involved can share and celebrate their work in a creative way. CADMUS are keen that through this experience children and staff will explore and experiment with materials and equipment to develop skills and understanding in the visual arts, and they are open to proposals covering different visual art forms.

CADMUS would like children to also develop confidence in using vocabulary in relation to: the visual arts, about themselves, and around exploring diversity and difference. We recognise that the arts are excellent in creating an exploration and greater understanding of complex issues such as diversity and developing cultural capital.

For further information and to apply go here.