Coordination and Delivery of Arts Connect’s: Training Programme for Young Artists (18-30 Years) To Work With Children and Young People

Commission up to maximum: £49,500 (+ VAT, if applicable)
Timeframe: To start no later than w/c 3rd January 2023 to March 2023
Submission deadline: 19th December 2022 (12.00 midday)

Call for quotations from organisations/individuals:

We have designed a programme of training and delivery for young people aged 18 – 30 so that they can develop knowledge and experience of working in arts and culture with children and young people and we are seeking a suitably qualified and experienced organisation, or individual, to work with us to deliver this programme which involves:

  • Paid bursaries for young people to attend training courses:
    – A 9-day training course, including: 1:1 mentoring with an experienced artist; 4-day placements in 1 or 2 settings, (eg schools – primary, secondary, special; nursery and early years settings; community settings); as well as in-person training sessions with experienced professionals covering key areas (eg: how to be freelancer; advertising and targeting; planning; evaluation; rates of pay; negotiating; contracting) – a minimum of 20 young people
    – A one-day course on working with children & young people with challenging behaviours and/or mental health issues, as well as how to look after your own well-being in these situations – a minimum of 20 young people
  • Bursaries for young people
    – All young people on both the training courses (9 day and 1 day) will receive a bursary of £150 a day administered by the supplier (this is not applicable for the open networking events).Young people on both the training courses will be entitled, through the supplier, to be funded to apply for an Enhanced DBS, if they do not have an updated one already in place.
  • Open networking events:
    – Three live/ in-person facilitated network meetings for young artists (18-30 years) to exchange practice and also to network with professional organisations, and experienced freelance artists
    – One on-line facilitated network meeting for young people aged 18-30 to exchange practice and meet experienced professionals, and organisations

Deadline and how to apply

Please submit your quotation by: 19th December 2022 (12.00 midday noon)
For the full commission information and how to apply please click here and download the document.