A choir of primary aged children in brightly coloured t-shirts sing, the focus is on a single boy

Brief: Invitation to tender for a research & evaluation contract to investigate the impact of Arts Connect’s 12 Arts Ambassador School network programme across the West Midlands

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Collate and analyse evidence through Sample Interviews/Case Studies involving networks at different stages from: Arts Ambassador teachers; classroom teachers; Headteachers and CEOs; Young Arts Ambassadors; artists/arts organisations; Arts Connect’s Arts Ambassador Coordinators  Arts Connect personnel
  • Capture the outcomes and impact of the regional programme and the model, including from Reports and other documentation
  • Collect and analyse a larger cohort of involved teachers, Headteachers, and where appropriate CEOs, across all the networks to evidence the key impacts at scale
  • Analyse and present the findings in accessible reports (Interim x 2; and Final Report) with an Executive Summary and Recommendations for future development, to be shared regionally and nationally; this will also include presenting at an event for key stakeholders

Commission fee: £19,000

Deadline:Thursday 17th October 2019 (no later than 12.00 noon)

Full details and how to apply here.