Small human shaped clay figures holding signs. The central sign says This Campaign is an Art Work

R&D Bursaries for individual artists and small arts and culture organisations in the West Midlands.

Arts Connect has repurposed its funding in order to invest in the cultural sector to innovate in their practice and in particular their digital work with children and young people aged 0-25yrs.

Our plan is to deliver a range of interventions that will support individual artists and smaller arts and cultural organisations to use the next 6 – 12 months for research and development work including training.

The R&D bursary should enable you to look at new ways of developing your artistic/ creative practice in relation to your work with children and young people. This could be through developing audiences, engagement or participation. We are particularly interested in ideas which link into a digital field or digital practice.

For the funding criteria and how to apply please find the full details here. 

Application deadline: 5pm on Friday 12th June 2020