Three small grey clay human like figures on a platform holding a sign that says Art is Therapy

Call for: A West Midlands based artist/arts organisation specialising in visual contemporary art to work with secondary schools.

Submission deadline: 13 November.

The fee, inclusive of travel is up to £4,700.00 + VAT (if applicable).

British Art Show 9

Wolverhampton has been selected as the opening venue for British Art Show 9 which will be exhibiting from March 6th to May 30th 2021. The show is acknowledged as one of the most important recurrent touring exhibitions of contemporary art produced in this country and is unrivalled in its scope and national reach, British Art Show 8 attracted over 300,000 visitors in its tour to four cities. Over 40 contemporary artists will be sharing their work through sculpture, painting, installation, drawing, photography, film, video and performance.

Commission details

We are looking for an artist/s or an arts organisation specialising in visual contemporary art practices to work with a total of 5 secondary schools in the Black Country. The schools will be part of the British Art Show 9 Partner School programme.

Each school will identify 1 class/group to work with the artist over a period of 3.5 days per school (equivalent of 17.5 days across all schools). Physical, online, digital and blended delivery and working strategies may need to be implemented to ensure the successful delivery of this commission.
The schools will explore the themes of British Art Show 9 and the work created by exhibiting artists in an exciting and innovative way through the medium of visual contemporary art. The exhibition themes lend themselves to a variety of interpretations which schools will explore with the successful artist/arts organisation. The commission will begin January 2021 with the artist/arts organisation working with teachers and students to produce a range of visual artworks that will be publically showcased May 2021.

This commission will include providing opportunities for a Fine Art student from the University of Wolverhampton to experience and develop a deeper understanding of the creative industries, creative learning and arts education through discussion, involvement with planning and practical workshops.

For more information please go here.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss this commission please contact Becky Thompson