Three primary aged girls in brightly coloured pink tshirts dance at the front of a large group of dancing children

Walsall Arts for All

Evaluation commission fee:  £8,000

Deadline:  6 January 2020 (12.00 noon)

Invitation to tender for an evaluation contract to investigate the impact of the Walsall Arts for All (WAFA) programme on children & young people, their schools and communities, and the involved artists and Arts Organisations, with a particular focus on the value of the arts as a supportive tool for social integration and understanding.

We are looking for an experienced organisation, team or individual to conduct an approximately 18-month qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the Walsall Arts for All programme with 14 schools.

Walsall Arts for All (WAFA) is a key strategic development programme of Walsall Cultural Education Partnership (WCEP) led by Walsall Council as a member of the WCEP. This programme is also part of the larger Walsall for All programme run by Walsall Council. It is jointly funded by Arts Connect (the Arts Council’s Bridge organisation for the West Midlands) and the Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government.

The overall evaluation should include: young people (primary and secondary age), teachers and Headteachers/senior leaders, parents/carers, community organisations, artists, arts organisations and local authority personnel, including members of Walsall CEP. Through appropriate qualitative and quantitative measures, it should capture baseline data, then look at the impact of the arts through this programme in supporting community integration and understanding, and improving the way that children and young people see and understand themselves and those around them. This might include assessments of attitudes and of values such as tolerance, empathy and collaboration, as well as, where possible and appropriate, wider changes such as behaviour, attendance and attainment.

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