A choir of primary aged children in brightly coloured t-shirts sing, the focus is on a single boy

Wolverhampton Cultural Education Partnership (WCEP)

Brief:  Commission for a Freelance Development Co-ordinator – £7,500 (PT – December 2019 to September 2020). Seeking an experienced Freelance Development Co-ordinator (this is open to both individuals and organisations) to support the WCEP to develop its planned programme. The co-ordinator will be managed by Newhampton Arts Centre.

The Role:

The commission will include co-ordinating the planned WCEP developments to:

  • Oversee the development, communications and funding plans of the WCEP
  • Coordination and administration of all WCEP meetings
  • Engage and recruit new WCEP memberships
  • Develop the communications and social media systems for the WCEP

Application closing date: Friday 8th November 2019 – 12 Noon.

For further information please go here.