Web card promoting a clay family workshop with photo of adult hands rolling clay to create clay circles on a table covered in a bright pink cloth

Application deadline: Friday 8th July 2022


Arts Connect want to collaborate with a group of Black Country based creative teachers to explore strategies to embed contemporary art thinking and making practices within the classroom. We are looking to work with up to 8 primary or secondary teachers to form a core group who will develop exciting learning opportunities and activities with their students and share their learning with a wider teacher network.

We will be exploring a range of contemporary art processes and themes and have the opportunity to visit and take inspiration from The New Art Gallery Walsall iteration of Breaking the Mould, a contemporary sculpture exhibition which opens in October 2022.

The lead teacher programme will include the development of in-school activities, teacher and student artist led workshops and a public exhibition of student’s artwork. Lead Teacher schools will receive £250 to support activities.


Find out more about Breaking the Mould here


Full information about this opportunity can be found here

Application form can be found here


Please email Becky if you have any queries or to chat about how this could work for you and your students.