A pencil illustration of a dancer, a guitar player and a singer

University of Wolverhampton Students Create Arts Award Masterpiece

After 12 months of hard work researching, planning and designing the Inspired by British Art Show 9 Discover and Bronze Arts Award they are now completed and available as a free download or hard copy for teachers, young people and families. The resources have been created by Dan and India two talented Illustration students from the University of Wolverhampton who have drawn upon the themes of BAS9 and the vibrant arts and cultural heritage of the city of Wolverhampton. To download your free Inspired by British Art Show 9 Discover or Bronze Arts Award resource visit: https://artsconnect.co.uk/resources-british-art-show-9/

“It’s been a delight to work with Dan and India. Through what have been extremely challenging times they have worked together to create beautiful unique resources which encompass British Art Show 9 and the city of Wolverhampton. Both Dan and India are a credit to the University of Wolverhampton and have worked tirelessly to created high quality resources for young people to enjoy while exploring British Art Show 9.” Becky Thompson Arts Connect.

“Working on such a prestigious project with Arts Connect has been an absolute pleasure and an honour! Given the current global situation however, it was not without challenges. One of our core goals with the project was to inspire people to be creative or to create art however they can.

One of the most important lessons our tutors have taught us at the University of Wolverhampton’s excellent Illustration course is to understand and research the target audience. One of the unexpected silver linings of the pandemic was that it meant my partner’s children were having to be digitally home schooled in our protective bubble – meaning that I had my very own focus group to test ideas and gather feedback from. This meant that I was able to fine tune every aspect of the project. Was a particular typeface clear enough to understand? Was this activity fun enough to enjoy? Were these directions easy to follow? All I had to do was ask, and they were an enormous help in shaping the project into its final form.

Looking back over at the project now, we are incredibly pleased with how it turned out. We wanted something bold and interesting, where each page was different and a visual treat, yet still inviting the user to get stuck in and be as messy as possible. While the project has deviated quite extensively from our original vision, it’s certainly been for the better! It’s completely unlike anything we’ve ever made before, and similarly quite unlike anything we’ve seen previously. I hope that everyone finds it as fun to use as it was to create!”

 Daniel Turner – Artist

“We have created logbooks that will engage, excite, empower, and encourage young people on their creative journey through the arts. We have embraced the core values of the BAS9 through exploring the themes of (pro)activism and togetherness and have used illustration to maximize engagement and interest. Creating the logbooks digitally has also ensured accessibility; therefore more young people can engage and achieve their Discover or Bronze Arts Awards.

Within the logbooks we have heavily reflected on the BAS9 and the city of Wolverhampton. We have explored the BAS9 themes of heritage, culture, identity, local histories, and communities, through illustrations that represent the city and artists included in the show. As native Wulfrunians ourselves, we are proud of our rich cultural heritage and believe that representing this within the resource is especially important in empowering young people to be proud of who they are and where they are from.

Collaboration is a major part of the arts, we believe unity and togetherness makes us stronger and more capable of greater things, and we have woven our own experience of collaboration throughout our design. Working together has allowed us to sharpen our strengths and become a creative force that discuss and create as a team. We have learnt from one another and created a form of communication that allows us to express ideas and receive feedback. Our lecturers have been such an amazing support throughout this project, as we have been able to set up meetings and communicate our ideas, gaining valuable feedback on how we can improve our work.

India Birtwistle – Artist

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