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The use of digital technologies in education has grown rapidly over recent years. This growth includes the museums sector, where we have seen the expansion of both digital activities during in-person visits, and the development of online offerings by museums, some made available to schools. However, schools and museums often struggle to connect through digital activities, despite the many potential benefits of such offerings for schools, students and museums.


This project and report goes to the heart of significant debates in the museums and education sectors by identifying examples of ‘good practice’ with digital activities, their benefits for both museums and schools, and the challenges that both sectors face when engaging in digital activities.


This research is grounded in real life experiences of both teachers and museum professionals, and would not have been possible without the time and dedication of the Heritage Education Leaders group and their associated schools, and the amazing research team of Dr Alessandro Merendino and Professor Maureen Meadows from Coventry University.


Download Co-designing Digital Strategies for the Museum and Education Sectors here.


We know that this research is just the start, and if you would like to get involved, please email:

Dr Alessandro Merendino

Prof Maureen Meadows

Helen Frost

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