Lucy Carlton-Walker, LCEP Manager

Lucy supports and develops the Local Cultural Education Partnerships (LCEPs) across the West Midlands who work collectively to ensure that all children and young people aged 0 to 25 in their localities have access to high quality arts and culture. Each CEP is formed of partners who are activists in their local area who advocate for arts, culture and creativity in education.

Lucy has worked across the arts and cultural sector in a range learning and engagement roles for libraries, museums, art galleries and heritage sites, and is passionate about cultural education and social justice. To ensure that every child and young person has a positive and empowering creative learning journey and the opportunity to create, participate, produce and engage with cultural education.

Lucy believes in the power of partnerships as through working with the LCEPs she has witnessed the impact that working collaboratively can have, as collective movement empowers the creative development of the lives of children and young people across this amazing region. In her spare time Lucy enjoys visiting and engaging with the regions arts and cultural sector especially libraries, running around after her son and reviewing children and young adult books.