Shannel James, Creative Careers Progression and Employability Programme Manager

Shannel is the Creative Careers Progression and Employability Programme Manager at Arts Connect and is currently on role at the University of Wolverhampton completing her Master’s in Education. Shannel has a keen interest to ensure all children and young people, are at the forefront of all the work she has done and continues to do.

One of Shannel’s biggest passions is connecting with anything creative. She loves to sew and upcycle old antiques to reflect a more modern twist. Her latest creation is fusing African fabric, which she’s collected over the years from her many trips to the continent, with silk from around the world. Creating beautiful bespoke gifts for friends and family.

Shannel has over fifteen years’ experience working directly with children and young people who are marginalised and from disadvantaged backgrounds, across a variety of settings in schools, colleges, PRUs, YOS and children’s homes. Her passion is to ensure they are able to thrive and reach their full potential in everything they do.

Prior to joining Arts Connect, Shannel managed an alternative provision ensuring those young people had access to a good quality meaningful education. Due to her willingness to create better opportunities for children and young people, one of her most memorable roles was working for a CIC to devise and deliver a creative arts programme at an orphanage in Jamaica. Facilitating creative workshops, that support young people to make steps to a brighter future. Due to the success of the initial project in 2015, Shannel continued to deliver the programme in St Lucia, The Gambia and Kenya with amazing outcomes