Web card with text promoting the Arts Connect Equality and Inclusive Leadership workshop with images of a woman talking and a man talking

Location: Online

Date: 18th November 2021 ; 9.15am – 5pm

Cost: Free

This one-day workshop will support you to challenge your thinking and practice on equality and diversity, consider why there has broadly been limited progress to date, and help you to reframe the challenges of inclusive practice.

You will be introduced to the practical and thought provoking Thobani 6 C Equality and Inclusive Leadership Model and Audit Tool, which will enable you to reflect more deeply on your knowledge, skills and competencies, and how to strengthen them systematically so that you can act with confidence and collaborate with others for greater impact.

We believe that equality and inclusion is core to leadership work. At the end of this workshop you will have identified personal and professional actions that will help you make a step change in your leadership practice towards equality and meaningful inclusion.

Join us for a space created for arts and culture professionals, in the West Midlands, to have open and constructive conversations.


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