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Call for proposals to provide Arts Connect and the arts and cultural sector in the West Midlands region with a course on  ‘How to integrate a Culture of Evaluation into your Creative Practice’

With the purpose of supporting the sector to:
• Develop their skills in the creation of evaluation frameworks and plans and the practice of creative and reflective evaluation
• Embed a culture of audience-focused evaluation in participant’s organisations and creative practice
• Reflect on the findings from the Young People’s Cultural Journeys Report 2018 research by including a specific focus on communicating with young people

Budget is up to a maximum £24,000 excluding VAT. This is an inclusive fee.

What are we looking for?
The course outline must demonstrate how your proposal will develop arts and cultural organisations and individual artists’ understanding of how evaluation can help organisations achieve and evidence contribution to Arts Council England’s Goal 5: “Every child and young person has the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts, museums and libraries.”

Your proposal must also provide the following:
• Insight into the benefits of being an audience-focused organisation, how a culture of evaluation is critical to achieving this and the importance of this being embraced by the leaders of the organisation
• Tools for exploring and developing the culture of evaluation at all levels in their organisation and practice
• Training in strategic planning and in creative and reflective evaluation
• Inspiring and relevant examples of current creative and effective evaluation practice for a range of different art-forms and different scale of organisations
• Support for the participants in developing an evaluation framework and implementation plan for their own organisation
• How the organisation’s offer for and communications with young people reflects the key findings from the research Young Cultural Journeys Report 2018 and how it sits within their overall vision and strategy, i.e. is there a meaningful focus on young people
• How the organisations’ then engage young people with this?
• How young people respond to both the offer and related communications?
• The methods and benefits of formative evaluation such as testing your offer and communications with young people directly.
• The course workshops will start in April 2019

Further Information  

For the full brief and details of how to apply please download the commission document here.   

Deadline and Key Contacts  

DEADLINE 5pm on Thursday 30th August 2018. For further information or if you would like to discuss the brief please contact Susan