Two women sit at a table in a lecture theatre talking over their work whilst Munira Thobani and Susan Goodwin talk in the background

Fee: Up to £10,000
Deadline: 9 May

Arts Connect is seeking an experienced professional to provide advice and guidance to Local Cultural Education Partnerships (LCEPs) in the West Midlands, that will help them to consider options relating to Membership Models, Structures and Governance.

As each of the LCEPs is in a different stage of development, we envision that advice and guidance is provided in a format that can be available for the LCEPs to access at appropriate times to suit themselves, for example this might include;

  • Research on LCEPs nationally, the different models of practice that exist, as well other similar models from other relevant organisations/sectors.
  • The development of a toolkit/learning resources which can be shared publicly via the Arts Connect website.
  • Training materials (filmed and/or audio).
  • Time limited period of consultation or coaching sessions for those LCEPS that are currently ready to develop this aspect of their strategic planning (we anticipate this is currently approximately 8 to 13 LCEPs). As each LCEP is in a different stage of development, we would expect consultation would be made available to those LCEP’s which would benefit during 2022/3.

Delivery Timeframe: June 2022 – January 2023


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