Smiling early years aged boy in a red top, in an art gallery with red walls

The Moonbeams programme, which has grown over 20 years, has for the last eight years been developed by us, Arts Connect. We have worked with educators, arts & cultural practitioners, researchers and local authorities to deliver inspirational training, seminars, social meets, Moonbeams@Home, two major conferences, two significant Action Research programmes and three Podcasts.

The most recent Moonbeams programme was a unique Action Research programme with three Libraries, three neighbouring early years settings and three artists in a partnership with The Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC). Over 12 months this programme explored child-led creative learning journeys in libraries focussing on language and communication development of the babies and young children involved. We also looked for evidence of impact on the children’s socialisation and their relationships with other children and adults, including parents and family members. These outcomes have been captured in the newly published Triad Research Report that we think is an essential and thought provoking read for those working in early years education.

You can read the report here.

We want to see Moonbeams continue to lead new practice and advocate for early years art and creativity for the next 20 years. We are delighted that CREC will continue to do that, holding the archive of Moonbeams assets which you can find here and building on the programme.

Do please sign up to join CREC’s Mailing List if you would like to be kept informed about their general activity and the work of Moonbeams going forward. You can sign up for the Mailing List here.

We would like to thank all of our Moonbeamers for your incredible support, energy and inspiration. You may have attended one of our conferences and been inspired by speakers and delegates from all over the world; been part of Moonbeams seminars or events where we have shared practice and learnt new skills; been part of an action research programme like the Triads which has challenged ideas of public spaces as homes for creativity; listened to a Podcast and been stimulated to reflect on what we mean when we talk about childhood creativity; sat on a mat for a picnic whist discussing babies and children and how they learn through exploring the natural world; or just heard about Moonbeams which provoked you to stop and think of the importance of arts and creativity in early years.

We hope that people will continue to be engaged with Moonbeams with CREC as they continue to explore the question first asked 20 years ago ‘How do we catch a Moonbeam and Pin it down?