Kneeling young woman showing pieces of clay to a pre school child.

Moonbeams May Social Meet (online)

Date: 22 May 2020 

Time: 1.30-3.00pm

Venue: Via Zoom 

Price: Free to attend 

A creative online space for educators, childminders, artists, and cultural and heritage organisations to meet, chat, exchange and explore ideas about early years arts and creative practice. A safe space to share how you are managing in these challenging times.

Theme: Young Children’s Communication and Language Development through Arts and Creativity:

• How do young children listen and respond to the things that they see, hear and encounter?
• How do they pose and ask questions about the situations and things they experience?
• How do children express, narrate, and explain their experiences with others?
• How can adults stimulate, and support communication and language through creativity?

This is a great opportunity to think about your practice, talk and share informally with other people about developing communication and language with young children and babies.

Bring along an object, a photograph, an idea, or a question that you think could be a conversational starter or a focus of imaginative, exploration, to support children and babies in communicating. It could be something abstract or curious, something unexpected or incredibly inviting.

Together, online, we can explore how your objects, images, and questions could help shape creative encounters with young children and babies that contribute to listening, attentiveness, response, narration and expression in and through the arts.

To Book
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