Smiling early years aged boy in a red top, in an art gallery with red walls

Commission: To plan and manage the development of Digital and Social media community around our ‘Moonbeams’ early years and arts programme

Call for: Organisations/Individuals with expertise and an understanding of early years, and the arts, with experience of social media platforms to share, disseminate, and stimulate discussion and create a social media community around this work


• Contribute to the development and redesign of the existing Moonbeams Microsite content to develop it as a national resource for early years’ practitioners, artists, and the wider research community. We would like the site to be a repository of intelligence, research, pedagogy and case studies in the area of arts and early years (please note: the ‘technical end’ will be managed by Arts Connect)

• Research the market around existing Podcasts covering Arts and Creativity for early years. Then scope and create a series of Podcast programmes, hosted by Arts Connect, with key people from the field of early years and arts in themed conversations. This would involve recording, producing, editing and uploading the podcasts to a platform with the right artwork, and then measuring success and data.

• Research and then implement the creation and management of a Facebook group (or similar) to establish an early years and arts community as a platform to share ideas, resources, challenge thinking, and to provocate for quality practice across the UK and potentially internationally

• Be part be a Moonbeams’ digital creation team, liaising with Arts Connect’s Comms manager and Digital Intern, to manage, design and develop digital content designed to stimulate conversation and thinking around early years and the arts. The team will seek to promote increased engagement amongst the Facebook (or equivalent) community

• Report to the Moonbeams Enquiry group on digital developments in this area by analysing reports, generated by Arts Connect’s Comms and Digital team and from user feedback, to the Moonbeams Enquiry group

Contractual details:

Commission to start in July 2019 and to complete no later than 31st March 2021

The fee is a maximum of £9,200, inclusive of travel and VAT.

This fee includes:
• Research, Planning and development
• Creation and delivery of activity and content
• Evaluating
• Reporting on a regular basis to Pepita Hanna (Associate Director-Partnerships and Investment), liaising with Arts Connect Communications Manager and, when appropriate, to The Moonbeams Enquiry Group
• Management, admin and travel and related expenses

• Deadline: 6th June 2019 (5.00pm)

How to Apply: If you are interested in submitting a proposal no later than 7th June 2019:

Your proposal should include:
• Covering Letter: outline your interest in the work, your experience and an outline of your approach to the commission.
• Your proposal: detailing how you will deliver the commission including, if appropriate, information on other team members of your team
• Budget: a commission budget proposal outlining your proposed costs
• Referees: contact details for two referees and
• CVs: include CVs for all the people who will be involved in the commission
• Background: any links to websites or LinkedIn that are relevant to your application
For further information and an informal conversation about this commission contact: Pepita Hanna Arts Connect Associate Director
Office: 0121 446 3204. Mobile: 07967 222817

More details here.