Pre school aged girl runs a paint brush over the soles of the feet of a baby being held by an adult

Date: 7th March, 4.30 – 6pm

Venue: Online

Cost: Free

Sustainability, Citizenship and Activism in Early Years through the Arts

A Fringe Event relating to BECERA 2022

In this lively social event, we will be discussing, sharing ideas and practice to consider the challenges of working with our youngest global citizens. The 17 United Nations Sustainability Goals offer much necessary challenge and debate. For example, how can we ‘wild up’ our work with children so that our relationship in and with nature is more attuned with a worldview of co-inhabitation with all living things and kinship with the planet? How in our daily work, can we ensure our settings, practice and organisations are using more sustainable materials, methods, and resources? How can we act on climate crisis, justice for all and the elimination of poverty in our work?

Come along to share ideas and hear the ways in which others are doing exactly just this and what is driving them to become activists, to make change and to think differently about the arts, education, and young children.

The Social Meeting is open to all working with young children: including artists, creative producers, schools and early years’ settings, arts, cultural and heritage organisations. It is an exciting opportunity to hear from others, share, and find out more.

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