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Reflecting on my Role and Leadership Style

When Susan mentioned the Leadership programme I could see that it would be an opportunity not only to spend some time reflecting on my role and leadership style, but also to reach out to other arts professionals and organisations. I’m really fortunate to work for a progressive organisation who honestly value training and networking opportunities, my line manager was only too pleased when my application was accepted!

Challenging and Busy in a Really Good Way

The programme was challenging and busy in a really good way, Susan and Munira really pushed the group to analyse and face what the opportunities and challenges were that they faced, and think about how as a leader you could control the challenges and maximise the opportunities – the real gift of this programme is that you realise though very careful tutoring and coaching that the answers are there, you have them, you need to realise that and have the confidence to put practice into fruition.

Working with Other Professionals

Having the time and space to work with other professionals from a variety of different backgrounds added to the atmosphere of creativity and discovery, the fact that we had differing opinions and styles posed an important challenge to personal and professional beliefs and working methods, I learnt more about myself if those four days than I ever have before.

Pushing for National Recognition.

Once the course was over I had a residual voice in my head pushing and challenging me, in fact this challenge pushed me and the team to enter one of Croome’s projects for a national award, and we won! Potter and Ponder won the Museums and Heritage Education Initiative 2017, beating some really big projects, the leadership course supported the decision to move forward and push for national recognition.

A Year On and a New Role

Nearly a year on I’m in a different role, and utilising the skills and understanding gained through the course to lead challenging work with creativity at its heart. The course helps you discover what you deep down already know about yourself, the real magic is it makes you believe in this and supports you to find new ways to use the leadership skills you already have. To anyone considering the programme, my advice would be GO FOR IT!

Rachel Sharpe – Creative Partnerships Manager, South Worcestershire, National Trust.

Find out more
If you are interested in joining our 2018 cohort you will find more details of this programme here.

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