A photo of a wolf, standing on a deer, standing on an elephant, standing on a rhinoceros with sparkling light coming from them

Provoke British Art Show 9! Exhibition Tour and Creative Lab


Date: Tuesday 1st February 4-6.30pm.

Location: Online


With Wolverhampton Art Gallery & Wolverhampton School of Art.

Join us for an arts educator focused tour of British Art Show 9 followed by a creative lab looking at the artwork in BAS9 and exploring how the show can inspire fresh ways of engaging with contemporary art in the classroom.

Provoke BAS9! Is a creative lab for teachers, art educators and artists for the design of participatory methodology and youth-led artistic projects.


Presented by Agustina Meola, Arts Coordinator of The Way Youth Zone

Email Becky at R.Thompson6@wlv.ac.uk to book session spaces.


Image credit: Jacob Perks, Nunnery Wood High School