An adult in a classroom standing next to a table with paintings on holds a paintbrush out to a smiling primary aged girl in a paint overall, a boy in a wheelchair sits behind them painting.

 Commission for a Freelance Development Co-ordinator

Fee: £5,000 (25 days)

WCEP is seeking an experienced freelance Development Co-ordinator/organisation (this is open to both individuals and organisations) to support the Management Group to develop and deliver its planned programme and forward plan.
The Development Co-ordinator will support WCEP by:

• Managing, recruiting and engaging new and existing WCEP members
• Co-ordinating and administration of all meetings
• Co-ordinating digital and social media presence including an e-newsletter
• Develop, manage, and deliver an annual Tea Party for teachers and arts, cultural and heritage organisations/professionals in autumn/winter 2022
• To identify and apply for funding and investment to fund WCEP activity and programmes

Application Closing Date: Monday 25th April – 12 Noon

For further information visit.

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