What is the Arts Ambassador Schools programme?

The programme seeks to develop quality arts and cultural provision across a network of schools, developing teacher leadership skills and practice, empowering young people, and placing pupil voice at the heart of arts activity.

Who can be part of an Arts Ambassador Schools Network?

Multi Academy Trusts, Academy Chains, Teaching School Alliances and other networks such as Special schools, Federations, and geographical consortia of schools with a track record of collaboration.

How do we define a ‘Network’?

A network has a minimum of five schools and ideally a maximum of eight all of whom are authorised and committed to working together on an arts improvement programme

Key Elements of the programme

  • Each school nominates a minimum of one staff member, supported by a member of SLT, to work as Arts Ambassadors who are the pivotal leaders in developing the arts, and also identify a link Governor.
  • An Arts Ambassador Co-ordinator, working for Arts Connect, is commissioned to train, support and develop the network through the programme.
  • One teacher is nominated to become the Lead Teacher for the network and works with the Arts Connect Co-ordinator.
  • The network commits to regular joint working, planning and learning.
  • Each school identifies a group of young people to train as Arts Ambassadors, who will take on leadership roles and contribute to Pupil Voice around arts and culture in each school and across the network.
  • Each school in the network registers for Artsmark and uses this framework as the backbone for school improvement of the arts.
  • The network are given bespoke training and support through their Artsmark journey which contributes to an Artsmark award application at Silver, Gold or Platinum.
  • The network co-commissions inspirational artists, or an arts or cultural organisation, to work across all the schools in their network on an agreed theme, leading towards a sharing and celebration event. This is co-funded by the schools and Arts Connect.
  • Professional Development is key to the success of programme and the commissioned arts and cultural providers deliver CPD sessions for staff from all the schools.
  • At least one school in the network develops an Arts Award programme and shares learning across the network.
  • A celebration event is held at the end of each of the two years.

Time and Financial commitments

  • Commit teacher and SLT time in order to making the programme a success and at a minimum this will be: the Artsmark Development day (teacher plus SLT); 3 network planning and evaluation half day sessions for each school’s Arts Ambassador Teacher (SLT optional); Half day training for young Arts Ambassadors accompanied by each school’s Arts Ambassador Teacher; the Celebration Event attended by Arts Ambassador Teacher, appropriate school staff and SLT.
  • Pay the one off Artsmark registration fee for each school, currently £500, or £250 with a school of less than 100 pupils.
  • Provide the match funding for the artist commission – typically between £500 – £900 per school.
  • Pay for 17 days of a skilled Co-ordinator to support the network over the two years.
  • Bring our experience of other regional networks to help shape and inform yours.
  • Provide the training and ongoing support for Artsmark.
  • Offer the Lead Arts Ambassador school £500 per year.
  • Provide the training and support for staff and young people to become Arts Ambassadors.
  • Provide the match funding for the artist commission – typically between £500 – £900 per school.
  • Support the commissioning process and the engagement of artists/arts organisations.
  • Help to plan and administer the celebration events and activities.
  • Support with the evaluation and network learning, including reporting to the network CEO/Headteachers.
  • Promote and publicise the work of the network regionally and nationally.

How long does the Arts Ambassador Schools Network programme last?

The formal programme runs for two years in partnership with Arts Connect.

What happens after two years?

Our intention is that the programme will support the network’s focus on the arts and culture to become sustainable in the longer term. We will continue to stay in close contact as the networks bring leadership capacity and skills that can influence other schools and young people. There may also be opportunities to attract further investment together and to broker new partnerships with the regional and national quality arts and cultural offer

Who can be an Arts Ambassador?

Arts Ambassadors can be teachers, young people, and Governors from each school in the network.

What do they do?

Arts Ambassadors work within their school network to advocate for develop and deliver high quality arts activities with the support of providers from the arts and cultural sector.

Starting an Arts Ambassador Schools Network

Please contact Pepita Hanna (see below) and we will arrange to meet with your CEO, or lead Headteacher and Headteachers from your network. We will then develop the Arts Ambassador programme in partnership with you and agree a timeline and programme of developments.

Get in touch:

Please contact Pepita Hanna, Associate Director Partnership and Investment, if you are interested in applying or need further information or details.