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Arts Connect’s digital programme will support arts and cultural organisations and individual artists to develop a leadership role in their digital practice as creators, instigators and deliverers of new digital practices, models, products and ideas.

Participants on the programme will work alongside industry partners on a digital leadership and creation programme. You will develop and test a new digital strategy which will enhance your artistic/cultural practice, your vision, reach and the impact of your organisation.

Who is this programme for?

Arts and Culture organisations and freelance artists living in the West Midlands, whose practice includes engagement and participation. You will be:

• An artistic director/lead creative professional in the arts and cultural sector in the West Midlands who is either already engaged in digital work or aspiring to do so (individual artists may also apply).
• Looking to include digital practice and thinking across your portfolio of work and not just in one off projects
• Interested in leadership in your digital practice and creative output with an aim to become creators, instigators and deliverers of new digital practices, models, products and ideas.

What will this programme do for you?

Taking part in this course will support you in:

• Developing your digital strategy and plan for the short, medium and long term
• Developing and deepening your awareness of digital artistic practice, IP and creative products/services
• Increasing your understanding of digital research and development across a body of work

How will the course be delivered?

The course takes place over 12 months and then 4 workshop days organised into 3 LABs.

And an additional day to take part in a Sharing Event
After the course is complete you may be invited to share your findings with arts and cultural sector colleagues at an Arts Connect event.

What additional time is required from participants?

You will be expected to dedicate further time to:

• Undertaking work in between LAB sessions
• Meeting with your Digital Mentor

The Digital Mentor will be matched with a digital expert who will support you and your organisation at your venue.

The programme and all associated activities will take place online where meeting in person is not possible.

What do we expect from participants?

The course is free and in return we expect your commitment to:

• Attending all the LAB sessions as if they are normal working days
• Completing the required homework and preparation for LAB sessions estimated as a minimum of half a day a week.
• Meeting with your Digital Mentor

If you are aware, at the time of applying, of a LAB date you are not able to attend, please state which one and why on the application. All applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

How do I apply?

Organisations and individuals will need to apply for the course by completing an application form which asks you to outline why you want to take part, how the course fits in with your development, what you hope to achieve and why it’s important to you to undertake this training now.

We believe that to make the most of this course you need the support of your organisation. We ask for a reference from a Line Manager/Senior Leader/Board Member to demonstrate theirs and the wider organisation’s support for you undertaking this development.

Successful participants will be invited to a meet as a group. The meeting will enable participants to meet the group, set out programme expectations and answer any questions ahead of the formal start date.

Course 2022 

This course has now been recruited to.


For further information about the course please contact:

Rebecca Hardy, Arts Connect Film and Digital Programme Developer