Eight secondary aged school children hold multi coloured pince-nez glasses up to their faces. A seated girl in the front wears a ruff

Cannock Chase Cultural Education Partnership


Louise Rose – Chair



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Current Aims & Objectives


  • Create a sustainable framework for the delivery of the arts in the Cannock Chase area.


  • Create a formal network of like-minded people who are committed to creating a sustainable platform to deliver arts and culture within the area.


  • Provide opportunities that focus on the arts, promoting the value of arts and culture to children and young people as well as the wider community.


  • Ensure that arts and culture is promoted both locally, regionally and nationally. Cannock Chase Cultural Educational Partnership will have an active philosophy to think nationally whilst acting locally.


  • Open up opportunities for children and young people who are disengaged from the Arts, we will show a commitment to make arts and culture accessible to all.


  • Members will work together to seek out funding and opportunities. Members will work together to ensure good quality sustainable arts and culture is our focus.

Youth involvement:

  • Involve children and young people to be at the heart of all activity and include young people so they have a representative cultural voice.


  • Local Cultural Place Makers, Global Change Makers. Cannock Chase CEP’s long-term programme supporting young people to take ownership of their environment and contribute to their sense of place. This programme offers local children and young people the opportunity to be part of shaping Cannock Chase through arts and culture for future generations, whilst addressing global issues like climate change and responding to major international initiatives.
  • STARTS – Staffordshire Teachers ARTS Network. Networks are available to join for Primary ARTS, Secondary Visual Art, Secondary Dance and Secondary Drama. Our programmes delivers quality ARTS focused CPD for teachers in partnership with artists and arts organisations across the region of Staffordshire.
  • Diversifying Leadership – Youth Voice. A programme of networking events to ensure children and young people have a voice on the Cannock Chase CEP, and enable them to engage in high quality, meaningful artistic and cultural opportunities towards maximising their potential and achievements as artists, creators and audiences.

Organisations that are currently part of the CEP

CEP Members

  • Arts Connect
  • Cannock Chase ANOB
  • Cannock Chase District Council
  • Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles
  • Primary and Secondary Schools across the district
  • SCVYS (The Staffordshire Council of Voluntary Youth Services)
  • Special Area of Conservation – Staffordshire
  • South Staffs College
  • Staffordshire Libraries

Image Credit – Staffordshire Libraries and Arts Service