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Current Aims & Objectives

CCEP is a network of professionals and organisations that offer learning opportunities for children and young people between the ages of 0-30 years in Coventry. It includes people from the creative and cultural sector, from formal education settings such schools, universities and colleges, and from early years and informal education providers.

Together we aim to ensure that every child and young person in Coventry has the opportunity experience cultural learning activities. To help us achieve this we:

• Provide opportunities for the ‘learning’ and ‘cultural’ sector to work together
• Give advice and support to organisations about how to creatively engage with culture in education and learning settings
• Offer professional development opportunities for teachers, artists, and other professionals
• Create space for formal and informal conversations about cultural education
• Coordinate a network of ‘Cultural Champions’ in education settings across Coventry
• Regularly share information via dedicated social-media and newsletters

Coventry will be UK City of Culture in 2021 and the CCEP are working to ensure that all children and young people have opportunities to take part in the cultural activity and benefit from the opportunities that this year will bring in our city.

A group of laughing primary aged children in PE kits seated on games mats

Current Activities

100 Brilliant Ideas to Inspire and Spark Creativity

‘100 Brilliant Ideas’ is a free CCEP resource to inspire young people’s creativity. It is a quick to use and easy to understand approach to prompt young people to access and use their natural creativity. The ideas collected were devised by artists, teachers and education professionals, arts, cultural and heritage organisations and individuals with a commitment to developing creativity in young people. The majority of the ideas are designed to allow a quick response without having to rely on a large number of resources, others might need some preparation and may even inspire a trip to a local arts, cultural or heritage venue. We have also included a directory of organisations and individuals you may want to connect with to take your ideas further.

We hope you find the 100 Brilliant Ideas a useful resource and importantly enjoy them, have fun with your young people and embrace the joy that creativity always brings!

You can view or download 100 Brilliant Ideas here and look out for our #100BrilliantIdeas on Twitter.

Coventry & Warwickshire CEPs Teachers Network

Due to be launched 2020/2021 for Primary Visual Arts, Secondary Dance, Secondary Drama and Secondary Visual Art and Design.

Organisations that are currently part of the CEP

CEP Members

  • Arts Connect
  • Belgrade Theatre
  • Cannon Park Primary
  • Coventry City Council
  • Coventry City of Culture
  • Coventry College
  • Coventry Libraries
  • Coventry Music Hub
  • Coventry Secondary Head Teacher Partnership
  • Coventry University
  • Culture Coventry
  • CW10
  • Foxford Community School
  • Highly Sprung & F13
  • Lyng Hall School
  • Open Theatre
  • Positive Foundation Youth Foundation
  • Sherbourne Fields School
  • Sidney Stringer Academy
  • St John Fisher Catholic Primary School
  • Warwick Arts Centre