A group of laughing preschool children listen to a man reading them a story

Current Aims & Objectives

Creative Connections Herefordshire is a partnership of organisations committed to improving opportunities for children and young people in Herefordshire, with four distinctive aims:

1. Increase participation in arts and cultural activity through bringing partners together from the cultural and education sectors; by ensuring the voices of young people are heard; by developing activities for children and young people as creators, leaders, audiences & participators; by ensuring that more young people have access to high quality creative and cultural activities; by engaging with children and young people from under-represented groups.

2. Increase levels of accreditation and recognition by raising the profile of Arts Award and other organisations that work with children and young people in schools; by supporting the benefits of Artsmark to schools; by working with cultural organisations and recognising and supporting other creative accreditation opportunities.

3. Develop an awareness of career pathways into the arts for children and young people by encouraging an understanding of the steps on the journey towards arts careers; by supporting the development of awareness-raising with the parents.

4. Increase the buy in and active support of local, county and regional stakeholders by promoting culture as a driver and vehicle for positive change.

A group of primary aged children read flip chart papers stuck to the wall

Current Activities

  • Annual Tea Party event for teachers
  • Compiling and distribution of regular newsletters outlining events and opportunities related to heritage and the arts that are of local, regional and national importance
  • Coordination and delivery of a range of training events and workshops including Teachers CPD
  • Collaboration with relevant partners to support the annual Creative Careers Week
  • Supporting schools undertaking Artsmark

Organisations that are currently part of the CEP

CEP Members

  • Arts Connect
  • Barrs Court School
  • Encore Enterprises
  • Fairfield High School
  • Hereford River Carnival
  • Hereford College of Arts
  • Hereford MAKE
  • Herefordshire Council
  • Ignite CIC
  • JRH Heritage & Culture
  • Kingsland Primary School
  • Ledbury Poetry Festival
  • Madley Primary School
  • Meadow Arts
  • Rural Media Co
  • Salt Road
  • St Davids Centre
  • Waterworks Museum
  • Whitecross School

This is a sample of the approximately 200 schools, organisations and individuals on the Creative Connections Herefordshire mailing list who receive newsletters and/or participate in events (e.g. annual Teachers Tea Party)