A group of laughing preschool children listen to a man reading them a story

Creative Connections Telford


Sian Deane – Lead


Current Aims & Objectives

The CEP aims to offer every young person (0-25) in Telford and Wrekin the opportunity to take part in high quality experiences in arts and culture to help to raise their aspirations for the future and give them pride in where they live.

The Telford CEP will do this by using the arts, creativity and culture to:
• Improve progress, learning and achievement outcomes
• Improve emotional and mental health and wellbeing
• Improve resilience
• Better prepare young people for adult life in their community including improved employability
• Raise aspirations and cultural horizons
• Improve quality of life by providing opportunities to experience and establish lifelong enjoyment of a wide range of arts and culture: making, seeing, participating, leading, directing, composing, playing and appreciating
• Make a contribution to ‘Place-making’ for the new town, growing a distinct sense of identity for Telford
• Grow professional development – opportunities to share practice and improve the quality and range of provision for arts and culture
• Establishing strong partnerships with the education sector to provide opportunities that demonstrate the value of arts and culture to children, young people, parents, carers and the wider community
• Promoting and communicating the value of arts and culture for children and young people across the Borough of Telford

Current Activities

In 2020 to 2021 we aim to:
• Continue to provide strategic leadership and direction, determining local priorities
• Use data, knowledge and the evidence base to direct activity
• Encouraging regional and national organisations to work in our Borough
• Develop new ways of collaborative working
• Promote opportunities
• Grow the diversity and quantity of provision
• Identify and promote talent pathways and access to careers
• Provide ongoing communication
• Secure new investment and resources
• Identify ways to use current resources differently
• Provide professional development for people working in arts and culture in education
• Establish and grow relationships with more local Arts and Culture providers to continue to strengthen the collaborative offer within Telford and Wrekin
• Further strengthen links with neighbouring Cultural Education Partnerships and investigate joint ways of working across authorities for the cultural benefit of the communities

Organisations that are currently part of the CEP

CEP Members

  • Arts Connect
  • Birmingham Repertory Theatre
  • In Harmony (Telford and Stoke-on-Trent)
  • Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust
  • Old Park Primary School
  • Severn Teaching School Alliance
  • Shropshire Wildlife Trust
  • Telford Stage School
  • Telford & Wrekin Council
  • Telford & Wrekin Libraries
  • Telford & Wrekin Music
  • The Arts Centre Telford (TACT)
  • The Hive
  • Weston Park