A group of primary aged girls in art aprons involved in an art activity with a teacher

Shout Out for the Arts – Warwickshire is a group of adults and youth associated with the arts and cultural organisations. We believe in the voices of children and young people and want them to be heard. We aim to provide cultural access to the youth around Warwickshire who are interested and wish to get involved in the arts.

Right now, we are working on a project to gather information from young people across the county through schools about the arts opportunities, or the lack of them, in their area. This way, we can understand where cultural openings are available, and where they are needed, so we can help bring a change to the arts and cultural education in Warwickshire.

About Shout out for the Arts Warwickshire:

Shout Out for the Arts Warwickshire started in Autumn 2019 as a result of a consultation by Arts Connect around a local Cultural Education Partnership (CEP) for Warwickshire. The consultation included adults in the arts, cultural and education sectors, the local authority, and children and young people linked to cultural organisations. The outcome of the consultation was that Warwickshire CEP should be led by children and young people and we are proud to be one of the only youth-led CEPs in the country. Supported by Arts Connect, young people contributed to the early development of a Warwickshire CEP and we launched on 9th December 2019 to key cross sector audience.


Our vision:

We believe young people should be heard and listened to about what they want to access in arts, culture and heritage and how they want to access it.


Current aims & objectives:

  • We are aiming to extend our reach across the whole county of Warwickshire and recruit more young people to be the driving force within the group.
  • Currently planning a project which aims to gather information from young people in primary and secondary education across the county via their schools and learn what arts provision there is currently available to young people and what they would like to see more of.
  • With this project we hope to:
    • Be able to signpost and link cultural opportunities to other young people in the area
    • Be able to ‘shout out’ about the great cultural offering available in Warwickshire
    • Identify where opportunities are lacking and therefore where there is potential/ a need for more opportunities
    • Use the information gathered as an advocacy piece to enable change in the cultural education landscape in Warwickshire

Organisations that are currently part of Shout out for the Arts Warwickshire

CEP Members

  • RSC
  • Motionhouse
  • Compton Verney
  • Warwickshire County Council
  • Arts Connect