Workforce Development Scheme

Arts Connect supports the development of high quality learning and participation activities for children and young people by arts and cultural organisations.

As part of this work we want to support organisations to develop the quality and diversity of their workforces and to support individual artists and cultural producers to develop their skills working within with organisations in the sector.


During the Cultural Survey undertaken by Arts Connect in 2015, arts and cultural organisations expressed the need to develop their workforce to meet the needs of a potential growth in their market or to maintain their position within a given market place. We have developed this fund to support organisations in this work where the outcome will be high quality arts and cultural activities for children and young people.

The Offer

We are offering funding to support arts and cultural organisations in the following ways:

  • Option 1. Employ an experienced artist who will bring new skills to your organisation, these could be in a particular art form or artistic practice. They will work along-side an experienced artist from your organisation to deliver a project or programme of work by, with or for children and young people.
  • Option 2. Employ an artist with little experience of your organisation and/or little experience of working in learning and participation who would be happy in the role of ‘artist-in-training’ working along-side an experienced artist in delivering a project or programme of work by, with or for children and young people.

The arts or cultural organisation must commit to providing mentoring style support for the artists funded through the Workforce Development Programme.

Projects will be funded on a first come first served basis where the application meets the criteria.

Proposals will be accepted from 30th April 2016.

If you are interested in applying please read the additional information here and then contact us to discuss your ideas before submitting a proposal. Please contact  Susan Goodwin, Associate Director, Cultural Sector Partnerships by clicking here

Please use this form to submit your enquiry regarding the workforce development strand of our Cultural Sector Professional Development Programme 2016.

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Workforce Development