three young heritage participants

Date: Wednesday, 14th June

Time: 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Location: Online

Cost: Free


Discussing the key findings of our new report, this webinar explores how seven young people’s heritage projects helped to promote social cohesion, cultivated a sense of local pride and community in so-called ‘left behind’ places, and increased the health and wellbeing of those involved. The research was conducted by The Institute for Community Research & Development (ICRD) and Arts Connect, both from the University of Wolverhampton, in partnership with Historic England.

Join us to learn about the findings from the researchers and young people involved and the takeaways for practice and policy.


Speakers include:

Dr Joshua Blamire and Dr James Rees Institute for Community Research & Development, University of Wolverhampton

Sandra Stancliffe, Head of Communities, Learning, Inclusion & Volunteering, Historic England

Speakers from the young people’s heritage groups: Connecting with Yemeni Elders’ Heritage (Liverpool) and Blaze Arts (Burnley)


The Report Key Findings – a snapshot

  1. Participation in heritage-based programmes contributes to multiple personal development outcomes for young people.
  2. Place-based engagements with heritage, offer unique opportunities for fostering identity and belonging, empowering young people to reinterpret and re-present the places where they live.
  3. Participation in heritage programmes can contribute to building strong cohesive communities.
  4. Participation in heritage programmes can promote social mobility, whilst remaining in ‘left behind places’, enabling the young people who live in these spaces to claim ownership over them and contribute towards their revival.


Read the Report

You can access the full report and a wider range of material arising from the project including blogs, videos and further resources here.


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A British Sign Language interpreter will be at the event.

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